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Challenge Building a new leadership mindset that can thrive in a culture that eschews hierarchy. In addition, the team send four quarterly non-sales offers to the entire list no matter what city you preferred designed to keep the brand name alive and list cleaned throughout the year so it would be in good shape the next time the show came to town.

With the current CEO, Guy Laliberte, managing the whole company and preventing it from being public, the company will not lose its emphasis on the artistic values of Cirque du Soleil. Delong and Vijayaraghavan Because the company has been alive and well over years, the imitation barrier has declined economically and cognitively.

Managing a company full of creative people is a juggling act in itself, between keeping its artists happy and pursuing a successful strategy for attracting more business and talent.

This means that those who are involved in the creation of the show — both cast and staff — have to be content while being a part of the team. Drums rolled, feathers were unfurled, red noses shone, fortunes read, corn — and many corks!

In order to secure this, Cirque was able to create Video case study of cirque de for everyone in many different ways, including providing opportunities to work with eminent persons in the field, giving substantial roles to increase passion, fulfilling non-artistic needs, making it an enjoyable experience on tour, and allowing for risk-taking activities that were reflective of the Cirque du Soleil culture.

The email team had enough news to send campaigns six-eight times per week, a frequency that would thrill very few fans, no matter how fervent.

The Cirque is coming! Cirque du Soleil is headquartered in mainly French-speaking Quebec, so all English-language emails include a a few French words scattered through as an accent. Retaining talent is an issue for any company whose success relies on the creativity and excellence of its employees.

Most times artists were unemployed for a large part of the year because they were getting paid per show, staff unable to go through promotion and everyone on tour isolated from their family. As the list started growing, the team quickly developed creative rules for the campaigns themselves so everything would be on-brand.

To manage the company well, there had to be a fine line between being a benevolent parent and an official employer. However, relationships are in their essence personal things. Cirque du Soleil is able to retain its brand value but it is inevitable for the company to keep constant rates of improvement in quality and creativity in order to define itself as the standard for this new genre of circus that it created.

Solution Recognizing, valuing and applying the full diversity of thought within the organization. And AOM staff have the vision, creativity and artistry to make the space look good, and help us communicate, and celebrate, with our guests.

It is changing the unit of analysis to strategic move, and blue oceans are not dependent upon market space, competition, existing demand and technological advancements.

It carefully devised its marketing strategies and conducted extensive research to design the sets and stage and also the costumes and accessories. Acknowledging the importance of leadership as part of the Cirque production has been a gradual process.

This means not only balancing out the cost and buyer value but also to expand to other regions of the world to keep its dominance. Producing such complex and imaginative shows with ever-expanding teams of diverse people is a true feat of creativity, technical prowess, determination and flow.

As a blue ocean strategy company, Cirque was not able to draw the cast and staff in through monetary benefits — most of the money went to building a consistent brand and quality for all shows and casting the right people for the culture.

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Harvard Business School Press, Objective To develop strong leadership, improve decision making and assemble high-performing teams to meet an ambitious expansion schedule and sustain high-flying standards.

Especially the importance of having creativity at the core rather than customers at the core led the artists to work the way they want and express themselves.

The case discusses various innovations at Cirque du Soleil Cirquethe Canada based circus entertainment company. The evening was a huge success; it was all about having fun together and doing much more than having a celebratory dinner Shayne de la Force Group Marketing Manager, tna Australia Pty Ltd.

Cirque would also need to learn how to quickly replicate its high-performing teams.

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Similar projects Video focuses on customer service View project Putting faces and voices to a name View project. Got any suggestions for our cast while they are in your town? Cirque avoided animals and star performers, which were commonly seen in traditional circus.

Every new production was entirely different from the previous ones. The initial move towards this strategic change was to focus on reevaluating the components of the traditional circus offerings. Today, the company hires close to 4, employees worldwide, including 1, artists, representing more than 50 nationalities and speaking 25 different languages.

Sources DeLong, Thomas J. Two of the important strategies is to find and develop markets without competition and to exploit and protect blue oceans. To produce such vast varieties of acts, Cirque had to be extremely creative and keep innovating.

A better understanding of interdependencies A greater openness about different thinking preferences in the organization Increased team effectiveness For example, each show has a directorship committee, with members that change every 18 months to two years. The blue ocean strategy encompasses various aspects; however, the most important fundamental mindset is to have a re-constructionist view.

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With all of these factors amalgamating, there had to be ways in which Cirque was able to keep the best crew with the best managerial body. This enabled the company to reduce unnecessary cost by focusing on the actual demand of viewers and to allocate the spending on what was driving revenue.Request PDF on ResearchGate | A Cirque du Soleil Business Case study Analysis | Download Full-text at This case analysis is on Cirque du Soleil case study from.

View Notes - Cirque-de-Soleil-Video-Case-Analysis (1) from ECON at The Art Institute of Chicago. Assignment Title: the video case "No Clowning Around-Cirque Du Soleil" Assignment No%(4).

Case Study - Cirque Du Soleil.

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CS_CirqueDuSoleil. Cirque Du Soleil (Revised) Documents Similar To Cirque de Soleil Video Case Analysis. Skip carousel. Our new Case Study includes details on copywriting that works, design (simpler than you'd expect) and how to gather more double opt-ins. Plus, what to send to your list when the circus is *not* coming to their town for the next 10 months.

How Cirque du Soleil Uses Email to Sell Out Shows at Local Cities. Watch the Video >. These two award-winning case studies analyze how Cirque du Soleil created a blue ocean by reinventing the circus experience.

École Nationale de Cirque’s new school building was completed in early to rave reviews from faculty, students and the public. From all approaches, and at all times, it speaks of circus. Created Date: 2/7/ AM.

Video case study of cirque de
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