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Value chain members Their main objectives is to get regular contract from the company, long term and trust worthy relationshipsecurity in payments and contractbusiness growth. Red Cross, NHS: Also if a child tells you something or you notice unusual changes in their behaviour, which leads you to believe that child could be a victim of abuse, this should also be reported to your supervisor, as the health and safety of the children in your care should always be put first.

If the setting has a website, it may be a good idea to look it up and read through the information on there, so you know a little bit more about how they work, what exactly they do their and what they provide. The goodwill in the market also helps in this.

Externality Pollution As per the requirement of the council, the organisation needs to control the air pollution. The main objective of this organization is to encourage voluntary services in the UK to accumulate donations and help to provide safe, cost efficient and emergency services to the people in their distress.

They implement equal opportunities in workplace and to achieve that they maintain workforce diversity while employing candidates. For example, if you notice a child coming into the setting, with unexplained injuries, such as cuts and bruises and are concerned that this could indicate possible abuse, this should be reported to your supervisor, so they can pass this information onto the appropriate professionals and the matter can be investigated further.

Job satisfaction, security, healthy environment good payment and increment etc are other objectives they want to fulfill. They also follow many social responsibilities towards the community.

First impressions are very important, so on arrival at your placement it is important that you maintain a certain standard of behaviour, making sure Unit 1 assignment an introduction know how you will get to the placement and how long it will take you is a good start, so that you can ensure you will be punctual.

All confidential information that the setting holds should be kept in a locked filing cabinet. One way of doing this could be by teaching the children songs and dances from different countries. The continuous growth of the company has contributed significantly in the growth of the economy also.

The new models are ordered which are sustainable for the future like 15 Boeing Dreamliners. Care must be taken at all times by staff that they do not gossip or accidentally let slip about any information they know to staff or anyone else, who does not need to know that information.

As per the equality Actthey implement equal opportunity that no one can be deprived there. The key stakeholders of VAA are the employees, customers, government, to whom they perform responsibilities such as health and safety, equal opportunities, environment and taxation etc.

For example, having a doll that resembles themself may help a child of a different race feel more relaxed and less out of place, in a setting, where perhaps there are very few or no other children of their race.

The parents or guardians of the children, in the setting, must always be informed of what information is held about them, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Also to expand on this activity you could also provide instruments from different countries for the children to experiment with as well or even ask parents if they have instruments that the children could bring in to listen to or try out.

Whereas Red Cross UK, do their activities not for earning profit but for helping others. The nature of organization is the main difference as well as its underlying purposes that VAA is a profit making organization, so the main focus is to generate a good earning in the long term.

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The placement should provide you with a copy of their rules and policies, when you start. Their purpose is to provide their customers with a seamless travel experience in every aspects of their service, from the time of booking to reach them at their point.

They use Airbus and Boeing wide body aircraft to carry passengers to their destinations. It has international business that earns foreign capital and also funding many businesses in UK, improves the growth of the country.

The children can begin to learn from this that everyone likes to sing and dance, but different cultures have their own special ways of doing this.

You can also demonstrate a positive attitude through using positive, open body language and smiling, by doing this people will feel more comfortable around you and more able to approach you. Health and safety Customers are the main reason of doing business, thus their safety is always the important things to be considered.

Also this can help children begin to learn about diversity and get used to the fact that other people may look very different to themselves and may have disabilities.

Responsibility towards stakeholders Why it is a responsibility Strategies used by your selected company to achieve this Equal opportunities Maintaining the health and safety, equal opportunities and good environment is a responsibility, because VAA put emphasis on the fact that employees are the main factor of their success.

This is also important in building trust between you and the parents, for example if you did let slip a piece of confidential information about a child, outside of the setting and the parents found out about it, you would loose their trust in you and in future they may be far more reluctant to tell you information about the child and their home life, which could actually be very important for you to know.

First impressions also tend to stick in the mind and the impression you give could affect their view of you for the remainder of the time you spend there and how likely they would be to accept you for another placement there in future or even a job.

Health and Safety Act gives emphasis on the risk assessment which the organisation needs to conduct and also they have to report the accidents. Virgin Atlantic, Though previously it started operation to fly between London and Falkland Islands, now it is operating in almost all the countries like North America, Africa, Asian countries and Middle East.

You should also always try to remain non-judgemental and not allow your own prejudices or personal feelings to influence how you treat your colleagues, the children and parents of the children.

Fleet renewable programme has been undertaken by the VAA to reduce the air pollution.Essay on Cache Level 3 Unit 1 Assignment; Unit 1- An introduction to working with children There are three different types of settings which provide care and education for children in my area.

One of them is called the statutory sector, this is a service that has to be available by law. Legislations have been passed which requires either. Unit 1 Assignment – An Introduction to working with children D1 Nursery schools are a statutory setting for children under five.

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Describe the purpose for one setting that is statutory provision for each age range and describe the purpose of one setting that is a different type of provision for each age range.

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Unit 1 assignment an introduction
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