Thesis on distance education in india

Those candidates who are doing Phd as well as working somewhere are known as external candidates in India. All over India it has 67 centers, offering doctorate degrees in four streams - Education, Physics, Mathematics, and Tourism Studies.

While all online programmes can be termed as distance learning courses, it is not prudent to call all distance learning courses online courses. It is one of the most renowned open universities in India. Phd is an abbreviation of Doctor of Philosophy in India.

Benefits of distance education in India

The one who want to be a researcher in the subject can go for the course. Everything can be done online. The children had grown up and her earlier academic record had been brilliant; she had all along been coaching her own children up to school level even up to the intermediate level and wanted to take up a teaching career.

In the society the reputation increases after doing the course. The awareness about legal rights and responsibilities in the emerging world order is very important for individuals who wish to pursue legal profession.

Also it is a great financial advantage as during distance courses travel expenses and educational fees are significantly lower. This type of education has gained its growing popularity with the developing of Internet, as students can simply communicate with their teachers and exchange materials Thesis on distance education in india the net, even living in the different parts of the world.

The aim of course, was total literacy by the yearbut that seemed a distant dream.

Distance Education Essay

Information and communication technology ICT can help schools to solve this problem. And area unit higher analysis degrees only for folks that wish to be academics?

She joined the correspondence course for the B. My personal attitude to the distance education is quite ambiguous as on the one hand, it truly has a lot of benefits for students and can solve many educational problems in the future. It is also beneficial for people over 25 who mostly have a full time job and can study after it.

Trends in education are therefore changing fast to make it education reach to everybody.

Universities Offering Ph.D. Distance Education Degree Programs

Online learning conducts learning primarily through an online server where you may meet once or twice. Quality distance research and doctoral courses have changed that.

Phd Distance Learning in India Doctor of Philosophy in India Philosophy is a system of belief which has been accepted as authoritative by schools now. Now it is offering graduation and post- graduation courses.

Short Essay on Distance Education in India

All the distance learning courses do not depend on the online mode of education. The study material provided, there was also student teacher interaction arranged at fixed centers and the most sophisticated teaching methods were used in educating students.

The candidates also write books and articles. Distance Educational programme is a real boon to this vast country like India.

Those people excel who upgrade their existing qualifications through distance learning mode, if they are unable to undergo regular courses.

The ones who want to pursue studies for next few years after the master degree can go for the course. However, for working professionals a Doctor of Philosophy is a fancy degree but certainly not worth considering.

That is the only solution to the problems that higher education is facing at present. PG Diploma in Environmental Law As distance learning offers an opportunity of flexibility regarding time and affordable courses, millions deem it fit to add something more to their skills and qualifications for sure and attractive career advancement.

Nowadays many prestigious universities and institutions are serving the society through this system. The aim and object behind this Open University set up is to minimize the rush of students for admissions in already over flooded universities and colleges; to do away with the rigidity of regular attendance in the classes, and to help those who due to monetary constraints, family circumstances, or being-in-job constraints are unable to join a formal course of study at a college or a university.

It is an effective option to continue education.Exploring the role of distance learners' emotional intelligence: an investigation of distance learners undertaking the JUE English course at the School of Distance Education, Universiti Sains, Malaysia.

Now distance education is covering the whole field of education from academic to technical fields. Population is increasing rapidly. And in this age of science education is considered a must for all to maintain the standard and status of a happy man.

Distance learning PhD programs are gradually gaining importance among the employed academic community. Due to the establishment of quality online education facilities in India research scholars can now pursue teaching or academic jobs while studying.

India has come to realize this and the distance education programmes have been launched, and quite successfully too in all parts of the country. The rate of illiteracy in the country being very high and to combat the situation, National Literacy mission was founded in Research method The aim of this research is the evaluation of distance education programs in Isfahan’s secondary schools, Iran from the learners’ viewpoints based on NADE-TDECpattern in the academic year.

All the distance learning courses do not depend on the online mode of distance education institutions have expanded at a very rapid rate, but most of these institutions need an upgradation in their standards and performance.

Thesis on distance education in india
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