The problem of indonesian national education

The Problems and the best Solution of Education System in Indonesia

The six-year curriculum includes: To all of this I am certain there will come shrill protests that my own country, America, is no shining example to follow. The program is open to the public and is expected to support the development of human capital in candidates who are skilled in their field.

Having prepared for this day since September last year, the pair, both business students from Germany, set their eyes on the prospect of winning the Henkel Innovation Challenge.

The government will not print textbooks. Furthermore, the number of qualified teachers is still not evenly distributed in rural areas. Government forces all of students from different school background with different quality to pass national examination, whereas the quality of Indonesian school have not equivalent yet.

And the result, we never get wealth and prosperity from our own natural resources, we are still under the poor line, nevertheless many countries can be great country because they can utilize our natural resources like gold by Freeport and Newmont as a corporation from USA, fuel is explored by Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Conoco, etc, and we only get tax from them.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs primarily oversees the religious components of Islamic curricula. The third-most popular destination, the United States, has seen a resurgence in the number of Indonesian students entering its universities in the last couple of years after a fairly precipitous decline in the 10 years prior.

Students that pass the National Examination receive graduation certificates equivalent to that of general secondary school students. Community Colleges offering two-year programs with credits that are transferable to university programs, similar to the U.

And while the report suggests that shortages will not be as severe at senior levels, it says that many at that level will lack the global exposure and leadership skills needed to succeed.

Indonesian sample documents begin on page It was also decided that religion deserved a proper place and attention under the new republic, resulting in an increased support for Pesantren and Islamic Madrasah. To prepare talented Indonesian youths to compete in the global market, what the nation needs is an education reform that strongly emphasizes reasoning and allows the students to think critically, and not simply to memorize.

The company is also one of countless multinational corporations taking advantage of the globalization of the world economy to gain access to a wider pool of talented workers. It scored particularly poorly on the first two metrics.

Polytechnics are attached to universities and provide sub-degree junior technician training. Next problem is about my big questions which until now have been answered that our education just produces unemployment people, well-educated people who has graduated from university are only new work-seekers that are impossible accommodated by available job field, and then we have so much overflow natural resources but why our education unable to administer it by producing human resources who can manage our ground, land, farmland, forest, water, fuel, coal, gas, etc for our prosperity.

For the population in rural areas, the Dutch created the Desa Schools or village schools system which aimed to spread literacy among the native population.

As an archipelago of more than 18, islands, distributing educational opportunities evenly is a tough task, especially with an estimated different languages spoken across the country.

SMPwhich is issued by the school attended. This is caused by three factors, namely economic factors, children who are forced to work to support the family, and marriage at an early age," according to the Directorate General of Higher Education Secretary Dr.

If you had to have spinal or brain surgery, would you prefer to have that surgery performed here in Jakarta, in Singapore or Hong Kong? Junior secondary school teachers are trained at the tertiary level in two- or three-year programs at IKIPs leading to the award of a Diploma D2 or D3.

The right mentoring Students looking at exhibits created by students from schools across Indonesia to compete in the Indonesian Science Project Olympiad at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, in this file photo.

In school and also university, we study harder and harder to get the best score without understanding what for and how to use its lessons in the real life.

Education in Indonesia

With the change of status, the government can easily throw its responsibility for the education of its citizens to the owners of legal entities that figure is not clear. It happens cause of the problem of our education system.

Students were required to raise the Japanese flag and salute the Emperor every morning. They very readily say they would rather fly to Singapore than trust an Indonesian doctor to open them up. Kartini School in Bogor.Indonesia devotes 20 percent of its national budget to education, so schools aren’t underfunded.

Instead, Heufers explains, the problem lies with the million teachers who are frequently absent from classes and then boost their students’ performance on official records by leaking the exam questions in advance. Sumarjono Suwito, the chairman of the Indonesian International Education Consultants Association, said corruption was also hampering developments in the national education sector.

The government has allocated Rp trillion ($ billion) for education this year, or 20 percent of the state budget, but no major changes have been made.

The six-year curriculum includes: Civics and religious education, moral education, Indonesian history, Bahasa Indonesia (national language), mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, and art.  The Problems of Teachers in Indonesia Education Many people in my country believe that education is a valuable asset for him or her.

So they agree that education has recently become the best investment for their future, because with higher education, they will be honored in the community, increase their self confidence, have a wide network. Indonesia has several laws on national education which in increased acess to education, improved education quality, and better governance of education sector, as said by worldbank().

Jan 06,  · It happens cause of the problem of our education system. Indonesian education system has disparity, and not equivalent each other for all of the schools. Indonesian school is not equivalent for facility, quality of teachers, practice tools, and quality of lesson methods.

The problem of indonesian national education
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