The ineffectiveness of an idea of a utopian society

Wise people will accept stoically what they cannot change, change what they should and can, and strive for wisdom to know the difference. This questionnaire was designed to be of use to both those interested in small, intentional communities and those interested in broad, global transformation.

If so, what would it be? Other inter-religious utopias may go even further and describe a religion where humans become God or merge with a primal force that reigned before the birth of the universe.

While the idea of overhauling society as a whole can be daunting, utopian thought does not have to be applied on a global scale to be of value. How would you distinguish between them? One of the essential features in our utopia would be equality between the sexes.

If so, what if any restrictions would be placed on its use? Until war is abolished, would your utopia have some kind of self-defense force? In the community we envision, we would want to work with only those who share our fundamental goals, values, and commitments.

Nurses are the caring profession; theirs is an ethics of caring that will see you from the cradle to the other place.

If so, given present social conditioning, how would you prevent parasitism? Here recalcitrants can be placed in a virtual helmet, where they will remain sweet.

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The Harmony Society, also called the Rappites, were similar to the Shakers in certain beliefs. Would technological development be encouraged in all areas? This is a serious problem, and one for which there is no obvious, completely adequate solution.

A Small-Scale Utopia We envision both an intentional community and, eventually, a global utopia. If one society threatens aggression against another, the Global Confederation would boycott it for 50 years.

Would marijuana be allowed? So, at least to start, we would want a community based only on expense sharing. Would your utopia be vegetarian, omnivorous, or would food choice be an individual matter? The arts would be a central part of daily life, with all members encouraged to pursue their interests and develop them to their full potential.

Why would you choose to do this publicly? In this, "the houses were made of barley sugar and cakes, the streets were paved with pastry, and the shops supplied goods for nothing.

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The elderly go to a safe home where they are treated well and can be with other people their age. Would genetic manipulation be permitted in order to choose other characteristics? Everyone has the same schedule for eating, sleeping, etc. Would individuals choose their own goals and values, or would their goals and values be those of your utopian ideology?

Given this, the importance of utopian thought in the present situation seems obvious. Would cloning be permitted in your utopia?

All this from robots. If so, who would be allowed to do it? The first significant group was the Ephrata Community now a National Historic Landmarkestablished in in Pennsylvania. Awareness precedes action, and the higher our level of awareness, the higher our chances of achieving a humanistic reorganization of society.

Would your utopia have a formalized system for dealing with criminal behavior? Second, sexual freedom would be encouraged, and men and women would be equally free. What would be the fundamental values of your utopia?What would make the best society?

An aggregate of people living together in a harmonious community with common values and customs. But although this appears an acceptable definition, harmony is a difficult if not impossible state to achieve in society, and the maintenance of harmony invariably impedes the achievement of individual ideals.

Origins of the Utopian Idea: The western idea of utopia originates in the ancient world, where legends of an earthly paradise lost to history (e.g. Eden in the Old Testament, the mythical Golden Age of Greek mythology), combined with the human desire to create, or recreate, an.

Creating Utopia: Exploration and Implementation. It is interesting to observe the stigma against mentioning utopia, or the creation of any utopian project, when war, destruction, and the newest multi-billion dollar casino are accepted as part of our current reality.

Jan 09,  · Best Answer: My vision of utopia is one where no one looks out for their own interests, everyone looks out for the interests of others and no one has to worry about their own needs. Everyone shares, everyone cares, nobody cries, nobody lies, everyone opens their eyes, and everyone constantly seeks to serve Resolved.

A utopian society is a society which has perfect political and social order. When talking about a utopian society, the word perfect is synonymous. A perfect society seems close, but is really very far away. First published inthe book is a far-future exploration of an advanced galactic society known as the Culture, which unites species from across the stars, including humans, under one Utopian society.

The ineffectiveness of an idea of a utopian society
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