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During the parade, Observer Lieutenant Pollock carried the Ensign, flanked by two senior NCOs, at the head of the massed contingent of observers. At the Teletalk data plans of the balcony a Leading Observer acts as Post Controller.

The first significant exercise undertaken by the ROC involving a simulated nuclear attack took place duringand by the following year the British Government had concluded that the combination of a risk of nuclear attack and a need for a nuclear deterrent would be the overriding considerations which would shape UK defence policy.

ROC personnel were deployed in two specific roles: Standard issue RAF No. Aircraft recognition training material, consisting of aircraft silhouettes and other data, was introduced almost entirely under the auspices of the unofficial Observer Corps Club.

Observer Corps posts in Kent and around the Thames estuary were able to play some part in plotting aircraft while they were over south east England. The work of the Royal Observer Corps is quite often unjustly overlooked, and receives little recognition, and I therefore wish that the service they rendered on this occasion be as widely advertised as possible, and all units of the Teletalk data plans Defence of Great Britain are therefore to be informed of the success of this latest venture of the Royal Observer Corps.

FTTN is often used by Bell for these services which is still reliant on copper wiring to customer premises. This was a useful period of exposure to war-time operations for Observer Corps personnel, and one which would provide invaluable experience.

The plotting table consisted of a large map with grid squares and posts being marked. High quality Royal Navy -issue binoculars were issued to observers, whose observation posts often consisted of nothing more than a wooden garden shed located next to a telegraph pole, this arrangement enabling a telecommunications link to be established with a control centre, often via a manual switchboard at local telephone exchange.

Canada[ edit ] Vodalink Telecom vodalink. On the day of the dedication of the ensign, Sunday 24ththe approximately 2, observers present undertook the first ever uniformed ROC march-past to the accompaniment of the RAF Bandwith the Under-Secretary of State for Air, Lord Beattytaking the salute. I have read reports from both pilots and naval officers regarding the Seaborne volunteers on board merchant vessels during recent operations.

An example of Surface-Type nuclear protected accommodation; entrance and roof mounted ventilator housings being protected by blast doors. Organisation and modus operandi[ edit ] A Post Instrument plotter, with Mickelthwait height adjuster attachment, used to plot aircraft on a map grid.

Included in the centre layout were male and female dormitories, kitchen and canteen provision, life support systems and decontamination facilities, a communications centre and a split level central operations room with balcony positions.

The service is available only to the bell network. Up to twenty highly secret electronic warfare units and Y-stations were established across the UK, with their associated scientists and technicians being dressed in ROC uniforms so as to avoid arousing any suspicion while entering and leaving RAF, Army and Royal Navy establishments.

The following year the first large scale exercise took place over a four-day period; in the latter half of which radar was used as the sole means of monitoring and controlling participating aircraft.

This single act proved to be invaluable as it highlighted a number of organisational and technical shortcomings, and provided the impetus for the development of solutions to resolve these.

A notable example of one such cover story involving the ROC is that which took place at RAF Little Rissingtonwhere a series of tunnels were excavated during the s. In order to monitor aircraft, observers used a simple but effective mechanical tracking device. A series of exercises held throughout provided opportunities for the fine tuning of improvements made to command and control functions.

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Indeed I personally have yet to hear a single pilot report that a merchant vessel had opened fire on him During Operation Overlord a total of two Seaborne Observers lost their lives, several more were injured and twenty two survived their ships being sunk.

Twelve months after the ROC post was closed, the Brunswick Tower was the starting point and seat of the Windsor Castle fire and was substantially damaged. By there were 40 centres covering Great Britain, controlling in total more than 1, posts.

Fromlong-range boards were introduced into centre operations rooms, with Tellers communicating with neighbouring ROC groups in order to handover details of inbound and outbound aircraft tracks as they were plotted on this map.


However, in a matter of only a few months, the ROC would again be called upon to meet the challenges posed by a new threat: Where the approximate height of an aircraft is known it becomes possible, by using a horizontal bearing and a vertical angle taken from a known point, to calculate the approximate position of that aircraft.

Service age limits of 16 to 65 were introduced, with service after the age of 65 only occurring where replacements could not be recruited, subject to annual review, and where appropriate medical certificates could be provided.

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