Should ncaa athletes get paid essay

Why College Athletes Should be Paid

The NCAA is also considered a non-profit company. Who else makes money off these near-professional level athletes? The few athletes that graduate from college, that could turn professional before their senior year, stay because their parents support them by sending money.

If college athletes are eligible to be paid, there would be more athletes graduating. But how much do the top NCAA executives make? How are they going to pay for all the necessary expenses if they come from poor families? Even with any type of scholarship, college athletes are typically dead broke.

Besides, college athletes also need to dedicate time to studying; along with this, NCAA tournament rules require college students to skip classes in favor of nationally-televised games that bring in revenue Forbes.

Universities bring in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to their athletic programs each year. Moreover, arguments that additional labor costs would hurt sports programs at schools are groundless, says David Berri, a professor of economics at Southern Utah University.

Famous sportsmen and sportswomen have statuses similar to Hollywood celebrities, and their wages are high.

College Athletes Should Be Paid

Paying athletes would be good for everyone and players would go for an education instead of only concentrating on sports. Some players, if they come from a low-income household, get a few hundred dollars each semester from Pell Grants which enables them to buy chicken soup instead of chicken-flavored ramen.

Speaking of skills, by the way, the fact that an athlete is a college student does not automatically mean he or she is an amateur unlike what the NCAA officially claims.

Since the professional leagues get the athletes from the universities, they should pay them the same way they He would work his butt off all day, with two or sometimes three basketball training sessions, plus classes and homework, and go to that job for a few hours late at night.

For example, a typical first division college football player trains approximately The reasons why college athletes should be paid are significant. Contrary to what all the opponents believe, being an athlete is a full-time job.

First, their own coaches.Essay on Should College Athletes Get Paid? Words | 10 Pages. or not college athletes should get paid is of heated debate in todays times. While many believe that student athletes are entitled.

Watch video · College basketball is going to be dominating winter sports until the NCAA debates about whether colleges should pay athletes He most recently wrote for MONEY.

College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay. college athletes should get paid, for the National Collegiate Athletic Association to punish athletes for.

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The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) More about Should Student-Athletes Be Paid? Essay.

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Collegiate Athletes Should be Paid? Words | 7 Pages. Ask our experts to get writing help. Submit your essay for (National Collegiate Athletic Association) The reasons why college athletes should be paid are.

So should NCAA athletes be paid?

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Should ncaa athletes get paid essay
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