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Buyer responsible for shipping payment. Feel free to reach out via PM or Reply. Safe travels to all wherever you find yourself in the coming months! PDF file format which can be read on-screen or printed out on any computer printer. I do not know if the crystal is original or replaced.

This is a refinished Rolex Day-Date dial. Transitional Alpha hands, please refer to photos. Many light boxes are made from cardboard boxes or milk jugs.

Fluted bezel gives it a little bit of attention, but the strap keeps it a humble dress watch in my opinion. Buyer should consider a possible check up on Rotor or servicing in a few years. Will I need to buy a more expensive camera to use this book? Will I need to buy expensive, difficult to use software like Photoshop?

How to avoid and overcome common problems How to upload your photos and share them with other watch enthusiasts Much, much, more! Likes 1, Wishing the OF community a very Rolex micro macro holiday season!

Fluted bezel exactly as originally produced by Rolex for the model has no hits or scratches. Here to learn, and give a solid deal to an OF member.

As long as you own at least a 3 megapixel camera with macro mode, you will be able to use it with this book to take better watch photographs. If you already own image editing software, the techniques which John discusses in his book translate to nearly any image editor, such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Paint Shop Pro.

Several photos are posted and I will photograph any part of this piece if requested. Have been heavily polished. Nearly any camera on the market is capable of macro photography and will be perfectly usable with this book.

The owner had several refinished dials in his collection, some very bad and some fully original pieces. This dial has been difficult for me to fully grasp because of my lack of knowledge with Rolex Day-Dates, hoping to learn more through this sale.

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I do not have that information, and am pricing the piece accordingly! Before reading the rest of this offering, please know that I will happily provide any additional macro or regular photos that are requested of the piece. Please include any additional information on the crystal. Please include your assessment of the dial in the thread below, I will edit the sales post if any new conclusions have been made.

Not the cleanest offering, but even fallen solider deserve a chance! Having said that, winding well, setting well, no issues ever since, keeping great time. Or maybe there is some restoration, or non at all. Hand made strap makes it a comfortable piece to use daily.

Can I purchase this book as a regular hard bound book? I believe the dial was relume, cleaned, and rebuilt. I have included macro photographs of the dial for any potential buyers to study and come to their own conclusions.

Will I have to buy a lot of other equipment? There were several dial configurations available for this model. This watch was purchased from an auction house in a single consignor auction hosted in Canada. The lume plots are newer than the case, but the dial seems to be of real quality.We discuss the 5 reasons collectors enjoy watches from micro brands and share some of our favorite examples.

5 Reasons Collectors Like Watches From Micro Brands. If someone isn’t going to wear a Rolex or other luxury name watch, they will just wear an affordable piece from one of the big names (like Seiko, Casio, Citizen, etc), or.

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Rolex is an active business in supporting the environment, exploration, arts and sports through sponsorships Recommendations It needs to increase product range by producing modern designs to attract young affluent customers through limited edition ranges in order to engage and test the market.

Feb 25,  · The Marketing Environment of Rolex ROLEX are building a brand image as an icon of beauty, quality, accuracy, style, and taste.


ROLEX choose business class people who are upper class as their target consumers and give superior service to these selective customers. Labels: Jocke, Rolex Macro Shot of the Week, Stainless and Platinum Rolex Yacht-Master IF YOU ENJOY JAKE'S ROLEX WORLD BE CERTAIN TO CHECK OUT JAKE'S OTHER BLOGS: San Francisco, California.


Book Review: “MICRO – Portfolio of Images Taken from Royal Vacheron Constantin”

You’ve seen his fabulous watch photos online and in print. Now you too can take photos just like freelance writer and photographer John B.

Holbrook, II with his book MACRO WATCH PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BEGINNERS. As the title suggests, the book is written to an audience who is interested in taking. Dec 19,  · SOLD Rolex Day-Date Spanish Ref. Serial 5XXXXX Circa MPWATCH Dec 17, Posts Likes please know that I will happily provide any additional macro or regular photos that are requested of the piece.

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This is a refinished Rolex Day-Date dial. I have included macro photographs of the dial for any potential buyers to study and.

Rolex micro macro
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