Reward strategy reasons and perspectives essay

In such circumstances employers are under increasing pressure to come up with and develop reward packages enabling them to suit both Reward strategy reasons and perspectives essay staff and their own needs.

Similarly to Armstrong, Torrington et al. Since reward strategy should aim at helping the organisation achieving its overall business strategy, reward strategy formulation needs to take into due consideration the organisation needs, values and shared beliefs.

This is what happens in labour-intensive organisations as a matter of course and in particular in service provider companies, whose activities are entirely performed by means of the work carried out by people, rather than by machineries.

Reward Strategy

Why should organisations develop and implement a reward strategy Reward strategy has to be intended as a means to an end, somewhat of an instrument enabling employers to establish a direct link between the business and the workforce needs and find appropriate ways to meet them.

For example, if the employees opt for a course related to their job nature, the company can sponsor their cost of training. Would not it be possibly better and even more suitable to develop a distinctive scheme, rather than just reproduce and replicate a system used in another different business?

Reward Strategy: Reasons and Perspectives Essay

This is the Total Reward approach to reward management and it is essential that all these elements of working life are underpinned by a consistent set of appropriate values and principles. Last but not least, as argued by Cox and Purcellthe benefit offered by reward strategies lies in the complex linkages with other HRM practices.

The need for an organisation to have a reward strategy relates to the added value it is able to produce giving appropriate answers to all of these questions and enabling organisations to effectively tackle all of the issues associated with these aspects. Arguably, in many other European countries the percentage is even lower.

Business psychologists still fail to understand the only common reason among people who work at different places. It therefore makes sense to look after them, at least well enough to stop them leaving to join your competitors, but preferably well enough to make sure they not only stay but also give of their best.

These three factors make the most successful blend of modern reward package. Hire Writer Secondly, staff motivation can be enhanced through the reshaping of working routines and hours.

Monday, 13 December What reward strategy is and why every organisation should have one Attracting, retaining and engaging staff definitely represent top-of-the-list priorities of the modern-day employers.

Reward strategy

Nowadays, many employees have complaint about the long working hours and the private life being invaded. In conclusion, reward management is essential in managing the performance of the employee. Which percentage of revenues or operating income does it represent?

Reward Management Essay

As such package is a motivating blend of financial and non-financial benefits, this suites majority of people. Though companies make different efforts to ensure quantitative and qualitative efforts to ensure performance of employees but there is not specific way to know how do employees behave and work for achieving customer satisfaction.

Few people surely confirm the cause of their work, mostly are trapped in wordy reasons like, just to make my life comfortable, to earn my livelihood, to support my family, to spend my spare time or to establish myself.Main Components Of Reward Strategy Business Essay.

Student Name. Student ID. Word count: Table of Content. Main components of reward strategy. This assignment discusses the perspectives and functions of Human resource management which are relevant to business organisation.

Managing Human resource is a challenging. Reward strategy should allow you to recruit, retain and motivate enough staff of the right calibre to run the organisation successfully. There is an increasing realisation that reward comprises more than just the tangible elements of pay and benefits.

Recently, Reward Management is an important role in Human Resources Management. Many organizations realized the benefit of the reward system, in a way that it could reinforce the employee’s performance, enhance motivation and gain their commitment.

What reward strategy is and why every organisation should have one Each of these reasons would singularly be worth the effort to develop and implement a reward strategy within an organisation, never mind the results yielded by these practices when implemented altogether. Role Of Rewards On Employees Performance Business Essay; Role Of Rewards On Employees Performance Business Essay Abstract: Every company needs a strategic reward system for employees that focus on these four key areas: compensation, benefits, recognition and appreciation.

They should always play with the reward strategy and. Reward management in a business organisation is basically the way in which that particular business forms and implements strategies and policies to.

Reward strategy reasons and perspectives essay
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