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Operating room nurses are exposed to a lot of occupational hazards because of their possible involvement in constant fast-paced activities, handling instruments and supplies that have dangerous side effects, and a very shifting working schedule. They are aware that I will have an impact on their patient wellbeing, by being able to perform professionally at a more knowledgeable level.

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However the description is not available for all staff to access. The amounts of stress that a person can encounter from having a part of their body shaved adds greatly to the levels of stress that a person will encounter before and even after their surgical procedures.

This should be viewed as her essential role as a professional and should base her actions according to ethical principle and values. The recovery nurse will assess the patient on arrival to the recovery room and this will include the vital signs, oxygen saturation, level of consciousness, breath sounds, surgical incision, drainage Perioperative nursing essay, intravenous access site and this should be done immediately so that the changes that might have occurred during transportation can be addressed immediately.

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Cox, FPerioperative Pain Management. I have circulated copies of the position description amongst the perioperative nurses, to broaden their perceptions, thus alleviating any anxieties they may be harbouring, and hopefully create further interest in the PNSA role.

A universal system needs to be applied between clinics in order to have seamless access of information and flow of communication between healthcare providers across states. As the position description for the PNSA is more accessible now to the perioperative nurses, I feel that the role will be more readily accepted, and resentful feelings will be alleviated, due to the awareness of the extended role of the PNSA.

Perioperative Nursing

The best choice of strategy for the care provider is to be ready to always explain every possible detail to the patient while succeeding in their role as a patient advocate.

This reinforces the MercyAscot vision to supply a world class service in the provision of health care. Thus it is in principle the duty of the nurse to provide patients with ethical care they ought to receive during this particular phase of their treatment. Insofar as ethical practice is concern, an individual must be able to choose whether to sacrifice oneself for her patient and follow a principle of justice.

The patient might require to be given oxygen and intravenous fluids and the nurse ensures that they are regulated well as they are administered.

Perioperative nursing Essay Sample

It is possible for Registered Nurses to be on call too if a life needs to be saved immediately. Improving perioperative patient safety through the use of information technology.

Perioperative nursing

Whilst the majority of perioperative nurses are familiar with the PNSA role, there are still some nurses that are unfamiliar with what I am trying to achieve. The daycare nurse ensures that all investigations that had been ordered by the doctors have been done and this includes laboratory tests, x-rays scans.

Essentials of perioperative nursing.Perioperative Nursing Perioperative Nurses are a breed of their own. Handling the responsibilities in the operation room well is critical to.

Perioperative nursing Essay Sample Throughout this assignment I will analyse the impact of the Perioperative Nurse Surgeon Assistant (PNSA) role at MercyAscot hospital where I am currently employed.

I will discuss any foreseeable problems, and the support given by the hospital.

Perioperative Nursing Care Essay

NURSING HEALTH HISTORY Nursing Health History is the gathering of subjective and objective data from the patient and his/her significant others through an interview, physical assessment, reviewing his/her past health history and through his/her medical records upon admission.

Vital data of the patient are stated in chronological order to. Perioperative nursing. Order Description Assignment question: Discuss the pre-operative preparation of a surgical patient presenting for SAME DAY surgery that is necessary to facilitate discharge following recovery from the.

Before explaining in detail what preoperative nursing is, it is essential to explain what the perioperative procedure consists of. The perioperative procedure is a sequence of events which takes place before a surgical intervention is undertaken.

This is a sample essay on the professional world of nursing, with a focus on patient care during the perioperative period.

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Perioperative nursing essay
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