Marilyn vs audrey

Arthur insinuated himself into her business affairs and contributed to the breakup of her production company. Both had extramarital affairs with costars. Both toiled in bit parts before making it big. As a teenager, she helped the Resistance by carrying notes and messages hidden in socks.

They are BOTH admirable women and deserving of their icon status. Rumors were so rampant that she even gave a Photoplay interview to dispel that her husband ran her career. The impact she made was undeniable, she was suddenly everywhere, on magazine covers, newspapers, and was the girl everyone was Marilyn vs audrey about.

Marilyn Monroe vs Audrey Hepburn

Marilyn Monroe, as a struggling starlet with big dreams, worked hard to attain her goals. Both overcame trauma and heartache from childhood to be beloved by the whole world.

So why do we insist on creating animosity and competition that never actually existed between these women? Her mentally ill mother was institutionalized, and her father was unknown to her. She was placed in foster care at only two weeks old, and had to witness her mother being led away after a psychotic breakdown.

Both are indisbutable icons deserving of admiration. Both were Marilyn vs audrey actresses who worked hard to achieve stardom.

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Audrey married Andrea Dotti, an Italian psychiatrist, in and were married for 13 years. She helped build schools in Bangladesh, helped impoverished children in Thailand, oversaw nutrition projects in Viet Nam and camps for displaced children in Sudan.

After the war, Audrey starts began under the top Dutch ballet instructor.

Her father left the family early, absolutely devastating her, and she had to bear the Nazis killing her uncle and sending her stepbrother to a work camp. Audrey becomes a household name with the release of Roman Holiday.

Both had scandals that should be far outweighed by their kindness, generosity, and charity work. She fell into deep periods of melancholia following her divorces and was often described as feeling lost.

Marilyn began visiting orphanages as early as Their marriage ended in divorce when Jim wanted her to give up her dreams of stardom to be a housewife. She often went without eating in order to spend every cent on classes in acting, dancing, singing, mime, elocution, and others in order to get her big break into movies.

Both are the biggest female movie stars of the 20th Century and probably of all time. She was often institutionalized and did not have much of a relationship with her daughter at all.

She traveled the world, visiting a polio vaccine project in Turkey, projects for children living and working on the street in Ecuador, projects to provide drinking water in Guatemala and Honduras and radio literacy projects in El Salvador.

When filming wrapped, so did the romance. While some of her guardians were kind to her, she has always maintained that she was abused, both emotionally and physically, during her childhood.

Marilyn Monroe Vs. Audrey Hepburn…..Knock It Off Already!

During the filming of Sabrina, Audrey had an affair with her costar, married father of three William Holden. Joe was increasingly jealous, told Marilyn what to wear, what film roles she could do, was resentful when she received more attention, and was rumored to have been both emotionally and physically abusive.

Audrey was married to Mel Ferrer for twelve years. Likely because of their own difficult childhoods, both women had tremendous empathy for children and devoted much of themselves to helping them.

In an article from the s, Tom Daly reported that Audrey attempted suicide twice, once trying to slit her wrists. Both took care of estranged parents.Marilyn and Audrey are unquestionably the two most iconic women ever to grace the silver screen.

They both achieved greatness, had remarkable careers, and have attained longevity that most aspiring actors can’t even imagine.

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Audrey Hepburn Or Marilyn Monroe?!

Take this quiz and find out. "The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive.". Marilyn Monroe Vs. Audrey It Off Already! Marilyn and Audrey are unquestionably the two most iconic women ever to grace the silver screen.

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Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe may not have been engaged in a life-long feud like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, but the screen legends have been heavily compared for and Marilyn slayed on the same level as acclaimed movie stars and style icons.

Marilyn vs audrey
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