How does geography influence culture

Also it could change our hobbies, etc. Cultural Adaptations In addition to affecting how people behave, culture influences how they adapt to an environment. The spread of cultures from their areas of origin to other localities is called "cultural diffusion.

If not, other foods may become dominant while other types of economies take hold. It is mostly to do with physcial borders.

That culture enjoyed enslaving others, and the government was totalitarian. Physical Geography Finding a food source is the first concern Geographic conditions--whether a land is on a seacoast, in the mountains, among the grasslands or in the forest--influence the economic and social development of a people.

How Does Earth’s Surface Affect Culture?

Insufficient water supplies, poor soil, and too much or too little rain can cause problems for farmers; tropical parasites can spread diseases.

Compare the Inuit peoples of Alaska with the desert-dwelling nomads of North Africa. This affects the extent that agriculture can spread in a country. How did geography influence on civilization in Africa? Therefore, people have developed tools and techniques for adapting to their environments, such as learning to hunt, create warm clothing, build fires and construct warm homes.

Each successive generation can adopt new tools and techniques to perform a task more efficiently. However, How does geography influence culture some areas ecosystems with impenetrable vegetation such as tropical jungles still harbor remote primitive cultures.

For example, you might wear heavier clothing and tend to be physically stronger as a result of climbing often. As people grow, they learn skills and techniques from others around them.

Physical geography can affect the number of languages spoken in a given area.

Four Geographical Factors Influencing Culture

Some examples of countries that utilized ships to spread their culture include the colonizing European nations of Great Britain, Spain and Portugal in the s and s. How does geography influence ancient civilizations? Topography Topography is the study of reliefs; it describes the heights and shapes of geographical elements such as valleys, hills, mountains and plateaus, as well as the placement of features such as rivers, lakes and cities.

If there were How does geography influence culture then the culture was based on animals. Geography shapes the culture by where the place is, how much resources the place can provide and the people.

Those who have to overcome the extremes of climate in their daily lives acquire a tenacity and strength of character not required in less demanding lands.

Natural hazards will have an impact on where we like to build cites, they can cause large scale migrations and change the economy of entire countries, etc Is there cultural geography? Geography influenced greek culture by sustaining the system, the culture was made based on geography, for example, how mountainess the country was.

People also learn to communicate with one another as they develop, which means learning a common language and expressing thoughts and feelings orally and in writing. Wars became common over acquisition or retention of territory.

Physical geography can even affect forms of government and religion. So how does geography affect the cultures that develop around it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. How does geography shape the culture? In the severe winter climate of Finland, the culture of the Sami people centered around the life cycle of reindeer herds, their main source of food, resulting in a nomadic life style.

If there were a lot of lakes, the culture was bright and sophisticated. The first in central position in the by far biggest peninsulan in the "Middle" of the Meditteranean.

Natural vegetation impacts what type of culture develops in terms of cuisine and economy. Likewise, a people cannot be understood without considering the land where its life takes place. How geography influenced Greek culture?

Would you like to merge this question into it? Therefore, the Greeks developed a political culture based on the city-state. Moving further back into history, it is said that geography caused differences in Mesopotamian and Egyptian religion. Well kiddo, the geography of china affected the culture because it decides where they build their cities and empires.

People considering settling near water had to weigh the risks of storms that could cause flooding. The knowledge that ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers developed in ancient times, for example, shapes the knowledge that humans learn in the present.

Can food be secured by fishing, hunting, gathering native plants or farming, or are there minerals, lumber or gems that can be traded for food?Physical geography can affect culture in many ways, from the number of languages spoken in a given area to the clothes people wear to their forms of political organization and even to their religion.

Physical geography can affect the number of languages spoken in a given area. A prime example of this is the island of New Guinea. Cultural geography is an important area of study not only by geographers but also by scientists.

Geographical attributes like landforms, climate, natural vegetation and water bodies affect culture immensely that develops around it. Geography and Climate: Effects on Civilizations. Explain how geography and climate can affect culture ; Geography and Climate: Effects. The geography of Africa influences its culture because it separates its people into different parts/regions of Africa.

Culture Conflict Africa is made up of 4 main climate zones including the desert, the subtropical ridge, the Sahel, and the tropical climate.

How Does Geography Affect Culture

We all know what geography is. To be formal, it is a study of variable character of earth surface. It involves study of climate, earth surface, environment, soil and so on.

How Does Geography Affect Culture?

Similarly, culture is something that has been inherited and adopted from t. Four Geographical Factors Influencing Culture By Carolyn Csanyi; Updated March 09, Geography, which is the study of the Earth's surface, focuses on elements such as the arrangement of physical features, climate, soil and vegetation.

How does geography influence culture
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