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Her method provides explicit and clear sentence construction activities that can be applied to any content and that can be used to assess comprehension of texts or topics.

Certainly beyond elementary school, students are not mastering the art of crafting a sentence. Do you go into a kitchen and start to bake a cake without a recipe? Have you used or seen the Hochman method?

And now Hochman, with the help of education writer Natalie Wexler, has written a book. Hochman was quickly overwhelmed with requests for training, and soon formed a nonprofit to provide courses and partner with schools and districts.

We give them very discrete ways to write topic sentences.

A Writing Method That Deepens Knowledge: The Hochman Method

So we might say one of the ways to start a topic sentence, and a very useful way, is to use a subordinating conjunction. And once those activities for each text are developed, a resource packet is hochman writing atlantic that can be used again and again in the future, whether or not a teacher leaves the building.

These activities would serve as formative assessments of content. We usually love what we do well.

Hochman writing program: 31R440

You two come from the perspective that writing instruction is failing students. Students have a lot of free-writing in journals. Children should learn [the parts of speech], but they should learn them embedded in writing instruction.

There are a few grammatical structures that you focus on having students learn, such as appositives. Images Top and Bottom, respectively: The Writing Revolution, which shares the name of both the Atlantic article and the nonprofit, will be released in July.

Once you learn how to use the recipe and you bake a pretty good cake, you may come up with variations that are appropriate.

What you see is much more challenging assignments. And many teachers are highly allergic to anything that smells like a standardized test. We also teach starting sentences with dependent clauses.

Q&A: 'The Writing Revolution' Encourages Focus on Crafting Good Sentences

We try to use the strategies that have the highest leverage for shifting them from oral structures to written structures within your content. I spoke with Hochman and her co-author Wexler recently about their recipe for writing instruction and why they think it works.

The answer really is not to teach grammar in isolation. Our response to that is: What are the problems you see in the way students are being taught to write? And then we might give them a sentence with a blank in it and tell them to add an appositive.

Turns out there is: This sentence-level work serves the same function, in other words, that low-stakes quizzing would, while also explicitly teaching writing skills. Explain how you have students learn appositives. Students learn these writing skills within the science, history, and other subjects they are studying.

In a former post on ideas from cognitive psychologist Daniel Willingham, we explored just how critical—yet how very rare—it is to have a school-wide, systematic curriculum that reinforces knowledge coherently and sequentially across classrooms.

Hochman has long seen holes in writing instruction.

And then we might say we want to see a topic sentence with an appositive in it. Follow news on the common core, literacy, math, STEM, social studies, the arts, and other curriculum and instruction topics with veteran Education Week reporter Stephen Sawchuk.

The vast majority of teachers such as myself go straight to composition, then use generalized rubrics that provide little specific guidance on revising for grammar and mechanics.

Inthe Hochman Method, as it was known, was featured in an Atlantic article about a struggling Staten Island high school that saw huge gains in writing after implementing the program.

I think the answer is no.Hochman’s Teaching Basic Writing Skills program, together with hands-on workshops, will provide teachers with flexible, evidence-based strategies for written language in all content areas and grades and can be adapted for students of varied abilities.

Opening Day! Fun announcement: I’ve written a book on the #STLCards!I poured my heart into this thing - I wrote it for the fans. It’s called “The Big Cardinals - Account Status: Verified. Hochman is being used as a tool for instruction beyond a vocabulary strategy.

In the student facing materials, he chunked the text; then, he provided a fragment below the passage. Students were required to demonstrate mastery by revising the fragment to a complete sentence. The Hochman Method is a set of specific writing strategies that teachers use in all subjects, including ELA, social studies, science, foreign languages and math, and in every grade.

Across the country, students are being held to higher, more rigorous standards. Our Mission The Writing Revolution transforms instruction across the curriculum through a proven, coherent method that enables all students, and especially those from low-income families, to develop the literacy and critical thinking skills they need to engage productively in society.

We train and support teachers and school leaders in implementing The. This article, published in the Atlantic indescribes the substantial shift in writing practices and outcomes at New Dorp High School using the Hochman Writing method.

Hochman writing atlantic
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