Groundwater pollution and drinking water scarcity essay

Ground Water Atlas of the United States. Habitat Loss and Destruction to Ecosystems When water is scarce, then it means the natural landscapes suffer the most as it contributes to desertification, lose of plants and death of wildlife and other animals.

However, these figures could be misleading and the real picture emerges only when we look at the individual cities. And when the per capita availability falls below cubic metres, it is said to be a situation of absolute scarcity Engelman and Roy, Efforts have been made to collect water by building dams and reservoirs and creating ground water structures such as wells.

The water is now very salty, and the ecosystems within and around it have been extensively destroyed due to overuse of the water resource, mainly influenced by water scarcity in the region.

Over the years, increasing population, growing industrialisation, expanding agriculture and rising standards of living have pushed up the demand for water.

Water Resources Essay

As population is increasing at an ever increasing rate, the demand for new resources will result in additional pressure on freshwater sources. Accordingly, they are infected with water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentery that kill people.

The treatment process aims at obtaining fresh drinking water from the salty ocean waters or groundwater with high salt concentrations that make them unsuitable for human consumption.

Our water resources have now entered an era of scarcity. In precise, water management has the capability of addressing human interventions and the various natural events in connection with resources and the long-term water policy decisions on the environment and economy.

Water scarcity

Inthe generation of thermoelectric power accounted for 48 percent of off-stream water usage, followed by irrigation 34 percent ; public water supply 11 percent ; industry 5 percent ; and domestic, livestock, aquaculture, and mining 3 percent. For instance, drinking water providers must constantly upgrade their plants with new technologies to remove a growing list of water contaminants regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Without economic activities because of lack of water, then it means higher poverty levels and poor living standards. The increasing demands on fresh water resources by our burgeoning population and diminishing quality of existing Groundwater pollution and drinking water scarcity essay resources because of pollution and the additional requirements of serving our spiralling industrial and agricultural growth have led to a situation where the consumption of water is rapidly increasing and the supply of fresh water remains more or less constant.

Threatening water resources are scarcity, overuse, and pollution. The cumulative effect of these costs is reflected in the national per gallon cost of water.

Estimated Use of Water in the United States in Retrieved March 27, https: The approaches can easily be implemented as they involve simple ways of saving water. In in the United States, total withdrawals were an estimated billion gallons daily when the population was million; intotal withdrawals were an estimated billion gallons daily for a population of million.

Water treatment techniques such as ozonation, ultraviolet light treatment, activated carbon, or any combination of the three become exponentially costly as these systems also require upgrading to handle larger and larger demands.

Water scarcity or water crisis or water shortage is the deficiency of adequate water resources that can meet the water demands for a particular region. Variations in weather oscillations between wet and dry periods can result in periods of drought, increasing population demands can result in overuse, and continued multiple uses of water resources for industry, irrigation, drinking water, and wastewater can reduce the usability of the water resource for one or many of its needed uses.

The sources of water pollution include pesticides and fertilizers that wash away from farms, industrial and human waste that is directly dumped into rivers without treating it in water treatment plant. Oil spill on the ground, waste water leakage from landfills can seep underground and may pollute the groundwater making it unfit for human consumption.

The consequences of scarcity will be more drastic in arid and semi-arid regions. Water Management Water management by the use of regulations and policies can help reduce water scarcity. Water re-use and Effective Water Treatment Technologies Water re-use strategies can help alleviate water scarcity in cities, schools, hospitals, and industries.

If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. Poor Heath In many developing nations, water scarcity forces people to drink water of low quality from flowing streams, majority of which are contaminated. As a result, water shortage means the practice of growing crops and farming is greatly impacted.

This disparity is due mostly to the large volume of water used for crop irrigation in California. For most off-stream uses, water is consumed or not returned to the natural source. The problem of water shortage is further complicated when we look at the areal distribution of water resources with reference to population.

Several cities are already, or will be, unable to cope with the demand of providing safe water and sanitation facilities to their inhabitants. According to the United Nations UN report on water for life, more than 1.

Plant upgrades can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. This may include aspects such as restoration of watersheds and wetlands and the practice of green infrastructure which aims at reducing impervious surfaces.Water Pollution and Water Scarcity Essay Words | 6 Pages. Water is essential for humans and organisms to live “Drinking water, “).

Water covers most of the world and makes up more of the world than land. Water Pollution and Water Scarcity Essay; Water Pollution and Water Scarcity Essay.

Words 6 Pages. Water is essential for humans and organisms to live “Drinking water, “). Water covers most of the world and makes up more of the world than land. Groundwater Pollution and Drinking Water Scarcity Essay.

What is Water Scarcity? Water scarcity or water crisis or water shortage is the deficiency of adequate water resources that can meet the water demands for a particular region. Whenever there is a lack of access to potable and fresh water for drinking and sanitation, the situation means that the water is scarce.

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What is it. Well it's basically self-explanatory and is any water that is held under ground. That is only a very simple definition of it though and well in fact ground water is very.

Groundwater Pollution and Drinking Water Scarcity Essay - "By means of water, we give life to everything." – Koran, Drinking water is our most precious resource, something every human being needs to survive.

Argumentative Essay On Drinking Water Shortage Environmental Sciences Essay. Environmental pollution is one of the major causes of lack of drinking water.

Pollution contaminates available water sources, making water available unsafe for human consumption. of pollution which will be discussed in this section and these are water .

Groundwater pollution and drinking water scarcity essay
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