English 124 paper 2

Show You probably hear this a lot. Use both the sources and your questions and pick devices you have identified to create a powerful effect. The question is 16 marks and you should spend approximately 20 minutes on it as it makes a significant proportion of your mark.

This is what I think you can expect: Exclamation - This post is amazing! To develop strategies for self-assessment, goal-setting, and reflection on the process of writing. PS2 Grade boundaries for P2 Spoiler: Write about both sources and compare them directly in the same paragraph.

Failure to attend either meeting can result in your being dropped from the course or the waitlist. They key part of this paper is understanding Perspectives and Attitudes.

Need to entertain Reader, Inform the reader, Title with a quote maybe, Advise the reader, Use sophisticated language. Similarly to Paper One section B technical accuracy is worth 16 marks so make sure you use good punctuation, vocabulary, grammar etc.

124: Writing & Literature

You need to compare their attitudes and compare their methods. Write about perspectives and attitudes. If you include these once or twice it will really carry your answer. That is basically 16 marks SPAG. Academic Writing and Literature Course Description This class is about writing and academic inquiry, with a special emphasis on literature.

Organisation makes a lot of your marks so make sure your writing fits the style. Metaphor - Ben was a Lion - running through the field Repetition - Stop. Audience - Who the audiences are and what the author could be trying to portray to them. Link how your point relates to the question.

I even made a small tick list in the exam! The mark scheme for most questions talks about perceptions so ensure you know what they are if you do not!

Argue or Persuade, Emotional and Dramatic tone, Language techniques to make engaging, Stats, Facts, Alliteration can show anger, address audience regularly and familiarize with them. Question 4 is all about bringing your skills together and showing you have a good understanding of both of the texts.

O You should have is a smallish list in your head of language devices to use. Most say it does not matter but for this paper I say it is best to do it Chronologically.

Other contrasting things for another paragraph. And in terms of content, language devices will save you. You will have to write one of the following: Semantic Field - Death But Mr Bruff is a brilliant man especially if you think there is no revision to be done.

AN attitude is your principles regarding something. Maybe a short paragraph or line not compulsory explaining the attitudes and perspectives you have found during your essay.

Reiteration - The street was dark. To read, summarize, analyze, and synthesize complex texts purposefully in order to generate and support writing. Include your analysis of them in most written answers as well 2,3,4.

Good arguments stem from good questions, and academic essays allow writers to write their way toward answers, toward figuring out what they think.

This is how I would structure an answer for this question: Make sure your spelling and use of punctuation is accurate.

English 124 - Technical Writing: Getting Started

Perspectives are attitudes which are influenced by your experience and surroundings. In terms of question order. Make sure your answer is developed as this is a long question.

Write about language devices and tone. In this writing-intensive course, students focus on the creation of complex, analytic, well-supported arguments addressing questions that matter in academic contexts.English is 'writing and literature'--it focuses on literary criticism, the analysis of literature (poetry, fiction, drama, film).

You'd practice different techniques of literary criticism in this class. The Paper 2 exam consists of six essay questions, only one of which must be answered during the timed period.

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The essay is to be written about the Part 3 literary texts. Therefore, it is a test of understanding literature in context. Although the questions will change from exam to exam, they will always focus on the connection between, style.

Learn how writing skills transfer from high school and college into the real world of work: legal briefs, research and development reports, short technical reports, patient records, and financial reports.

View Essay - The "Honor" of War Paper from ENGLISH at University of Michigan. 1 English Critical Analysis 1 October The Honor Of War During the Vietnam War, a moment of bad judgment could.

English Literature /2 Paper 2 Modern texts and poetry. Specimen Morning 2 hours 15 minutes. Materials. For this paper you must have: • An AQA page answer book.


Instructions • Answer one question from Section A, one question from Section B and both questions in Section C. Nov 06,  · 8- / 9- / Hi, for the English language paper 2 on question 3 talking about language can you link it to other stories?

For example the source describes a storm as a tempest and I was woundering could I write about the Shakespeare play as they link in nicely together? AQA English Language Paper 2 ; Aqa english language paper.

English 124 paper 2
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