Consistency in nicomachean ethics philosophy essay

No person can ever be happy if they do not have friendship in their lives. Things that two people like or have in common brings them closer together; therefore the friendship is much stronger. Some of these qualities that a friend posses are based on friendships that last.

A friendship consists of many other qualities such as the ability to want for others what you want for yourself, to always wish your friends good fortune, and to always be at your friends side in times of need.

It is also something that is inside every ones soul that makes you already know what is just and unjust. Friends are people who are loyal, trustworthy, honest and are willing to do anything for the sake of the other person.

If a human being had no friends or friendship they would never ever be truly happy because they would spend their lives being alone and lonely.

Agreeing with Aristotle, friends are people who wish for each others good. In order for any human being to be happy they must surround themselves with friends and have many friendships.

Nicomachean Ethics Essays (Examples)

One thing that makes a really good friendship between two people is where you can always count on the other person. This statement is absolutely true because one of things that makes you friends with someone else are the same interests that both of you have.

Justice is something that everyone looks for whether it concerns some ones actions or the law. In pain and in joy, a friend is someone who will always be at your side and this will strengthen your friendship. Also, two people with the same interest will be able to communicate better with each other and will understand the other person more fully than someone else who does not share the same interest.

Spending time with people who you love and care about brings happiness to people and knowing that someone will always be there for you no matter what happens on earth is a great feeling that people want to have.

The Conclusion of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics essay

Another essential virtue for human beings to be happy is justice because without justice life on earth would not be fair and many people will not seek closure in certain situations. Friendship is an essential virtue for human happiness because without friendship their would be no love, care, or joy.Nicomachean Ethics Although Aristotle values friendship, justice and contemplation, friendship and justice are virtues essential for human happiness because contemplation for.

Consistency In Nicomachean Ethics Philosophy Essay There is a seeming lack of consistency in Nicomachean Ethics on what is required for human happiness.

Philosophy Ethic - Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle - Essay Example

In. Apr 04,  · Nicomachean Ethics I chose to write about Aristotle and his beliefs about how the virtuous human being needs friends from Book VIII from Nicomachean Ethics.

In this essay I will talk about the three different kinds of friendship that (Utility. The following essay aims to compare Ancient versus Modern theories of ethics, particularly those of Aristotle and Immanuel Kant.

The central concepts of virtue, happiness, and the human good are relevant to modern ethics, but do not play the same.

Nicomachean Ethics

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In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle examines happiness, which is. There is a seeming lack of consistency in Nicomachean Ethics on what is required for human happiness. In the beginning of the book, Aristotle stated that, happiness requires both complete virtue and a complete life (Book I, a), suggesting that happiness require all virtuous activities and all external goods that people pursue.

Consistency in nicomachean ethics philosophy essay
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