Boroplus prickly heat powder

Also this keeps back acne at bay on regular use, but does not work on reducing them so efficiently and quickly like Hula Hula does. Gives icy cool effect after bath.

I started using Hula Hula prickly heat powder in the beginning of summers and liked it very much but then tried few other versions due to non availability of Hula Hula Powder so easily. Has a small twist button to open and close the opening at top. Emami Limited, the flagship company of the Group, recorded a turnover of Rs crore, Well firstly what I have felt is that none of the powder gives icy cool effect unless used on damp skin.

Its twist button helps in controlling the outflow quantity, then Boroplus is easily available in India and lastly it is very cheap, almost half the price of Hula Hula. About us Established inwe have a portfolio of over products based on ayurvedic formulations.

Get Latest PriceRequest a quote Product description: The movement of this twist button is quite manageable and easy to handle. Same happened in the case of Hula Hula Powder. Now coming to its icy cool effect and how good it is in reducing back acne.

So each powder has its own points, choose as per your need. I use to see Boroplus powder at dressing table of many people so thought of giving it a try. The powder contains natural herbs that give almost instant relief to prickly heat with its cooling sensation and erases the skin problems like itches and rashes that are most notable during summer.

I use it on dry skin and got disappointed but was very pleased with its effect when used immediately after bath on towel dried skin. It prevents skin problems like heat rash, burning sensation and other minor skin infections. Pros Keeps back acne at bay on regular use.

However, there are few points in which Boroplus is better than Hula Hula. A completely herbal formulation is mildgentle and skin friendly.Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder offered by Emami Limited, a leading supplier of Body Powder in Vapi, Gujarat.

The Company was incorporated in and is. Boroplus ICY cool powder for prickly heat is available in multiple fragrances.

Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder

You must use it liberally in the folds of the skin to prevent sweating and heat rashes in summer months. Like the Nycil brand above, Boroplus is also made in India and now available in.

Boroplus Ice Prickly Heat Cool Powder Review Boroplus healthy Skin Ice Prickly Heat Powder ICY COOL by Boroplus healthy Skin Ice Prickly Heat Powder ICY COOL: Beauty5/5(2). Boroplus prickly heat powder provides quick & long lasting relief from prickly heat.

It prevents skin problems like heat rash, burning sensation, athlete`s foot, dhobi itch and other minor skin infections. Boroplus Prickly Heat Ice Cool Powder, 50g - Pack of 6 out of 5 stars 1 Reviews: • BoroPlus Prickly Heat Powder is endorsed by superstar Kareena Kapoor • It is available in 3 variants o Boroplus Icy Cool Prickly Heat Powder o Boroplus Icy Sandal Prickly Heat Powder o Boroplus French Lavender Prickly Heat Powder.

What is prickly heat-Prickly heat is a very itchy red skin rash, causing a prickling or burning feeling. It is medically.

Boroplus prickly heat powder
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