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Apple states it is committed to responsible sourcing, and is working to ensure that minerals used in its products like tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold do not finance armed conflict. Does the brand company annually report on the results of its labor conditions policy?

Does the brand company give at least a 3 years warranty on all products? No, freedom of association is mentioned, but nothing found about situations in which this right is restricted by law see link, page Does the brand company publish its annual material footprint, or alternatively material footprints for each sold product, and does the brand have an effective policy in place to reduce the overall environmental impact of material use?

Online repair manuals for Apple products are provided via iFixit. Apple implements several measures related to more sustainable packaging.

Apple is not clear about its actual take back recycling rate see link, Apple sustainability Earlier this summer it was revealed that the company will sell the excess energy it generates at its headquarters, and other locations, to wholesale energy markets.

See remark for environmental policy question 8. See remark for environmental policy question Is the brand company significantly involved in at least 3 initiatives that addresses the urgent appeal to improve the social and environmental conditions of mining metals and minerals; for example tin from endangered tropical islands Bangka and Belitung, conflict minerals from Congo, etc?

Has the brand company eliminated PVC in all new products? Apple reports measures to reduce this footprint through i. Apple has eliminated beryllium and phthalates for a part of its production, but does not yet report, whether those chemicals can be considered as entirely eliminated.

Apple reports that in FY15 Does the brand company use replaceable batteries in all portable devices? Owners of iPad, iPhone, iPod or Mac products may obtain service and parts from Apple or Apple service providers for 5 years after the product is no longer manufactured or longer where required by law.

Apple does not mention anything about offering the charger as optional to the products. Apple implements measures to manage its products life-cycle, but no clear best practice examples concerning prolonging its products lifespan are specified.

No, mentioning of minimum wage, not living wage; 4. It is working to reduce it carbon footprint across its operations, from manufacturing to product use and transport. Does the brand have clear objectives to minimize the environmental impact of packaging, by reducing, re-using and recycling, and Apple sustainability the brand annually report on these results?

Partnering for the planet As many Apple products are manufactured in China, the company launched a programme in aimed at helping its partners there become more energy-efficient. Has the brand company banned the use of benzene and n-hexane in the final assembly of products?

No forced or slave labor, no child labor, no discrimination of any kind and a safe and hygienic workplace?

Apple conducted supplier audits in Has the brand company an active policy in place to increase the product life-span of products, such as longer warranty periods or easy repair with easy ordering of spare parts? Sep 07,8: Although Apple analyses the product life cycles based on at least a 3 year life span, Apple offers a one year guarantee on its products.

Is the brand company significantly involved in at least 4 initiatives that addresses the urgent appeal to improve the social and environmental conditions of mining metals and minerals; for example tin from endangered tropical islands Bangka and Belitung, conflict minerals from Congo, etc?

Does the brand company provide online repair manuals for all products? See remark for labor conditions policy question Hitting milestones Last year, the company claimed to have powered a staggering 93 percent of its operations using renewable energy.

But, Apple does not specify its actual share of recycled plastic materials used see link, page Does the brand company have a Code of Conduct CoC for both its own factories and those of its suppliers, which includes the following standards: The initiative will see the company working alongside its Chinese suppliers to install more than 2GW of clean energy in the coming years.

Apple offers replaceable battery services for all its portable devices.Environmental Responsibility Report Progress Report, Covering FY 2 Page 3 Environmental Responsibility at Apple Page 5 Climate Change. Welcome to our Sustainability Report Update!

Infusing sustainability into everything we do to contribute positively to social, environmental, and economic wellbeing. Apple has achieved the C-label. Apple is on its way towards sustainability, but more improvement is needed. The brand gets good points for its efforts regarding labor conditions, however, there clearly is still a long way to go.

Apple partners with multiple initiatives to avoid conflict minerals and unfair labor conditions in the production chain. Apple Park, Cupertino, California Our investments in renewable energy have measurably reduced our overall carbon footprint.

To date, we’ve committed $ billion in clean energy and energy efficiency projects like our biogas fuel cell installation in Maiden, North Carolina. Apple is a technology company, and it takes a lot of paper to package that technology.

On Monday, Apple announced a new initiative with the World Wildlife Fund to help align this forest-driven. On the day of the iPhone 7's debut, we look back at some of Apple's successes in the realm of sustainability.

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Apple sustainability
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