An analysis of religion by an athiest

Today, generally speaking, an atheist is someone who does not believe in a god or gods; this has caused tension in a world where most people publicly, at least profess a belief in a deity.

The latter can be dealt with in a diverse manner. For the same reason, atheists can hold a wide variety of ethical beliefs, ranging from the moral universalism of humanismwhich holds that a moral code should be applied consistently to all humans, to moral nihilismwhich holds that morality is meaningless.

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To which Asad points out: But if, in the moment of riot, and in a drunken delirium from the hot spirit drawn out of the alembic of hell, which in France is now so furiously boiling, we should uncover our nakedness, by throwing off that Christian religion which has hitherto been our boast and comfort, and one great source of civilization amongst us, and among many other nations, we are apprehensive being well aware that the mind will not endure a void that some uncouth, pernicious, and degrading superstition might take place of it.

The theory of Evolution, being the only hope for the Atheist, is the holiest of absolute, unquestionable truths. Concerning the "intellectual" argument, it is often cast as an incompatibility between statements such as "an omnipotent, omnibenevolent God exists" and "the quantity and kinds of suffering in the world exist".

First, he shows that there is no objection to belief in God unless the belief is shown to be false.

What is Atheism?

While heaven is depicted as being serene and beautiful, hell is depicted as a world full of pain and suffering. Some include virtue ethicssocial contractKantian ethicsutilitarianismand Objectivism. Atheist existentialism and Secular humanism Axiologicalor constructive, atheism rejects the existence of gods in favor of a "higher absolute", such as humanity.

However, they do admit that some forms of persecutions such as those done on churches and religious people were partially related to atheism, but insist it was mostly based on economics and political reasons.

This broad definition would include newborns and other people who have not been exposed to theistic ideas. Statement of the Sacrosanct Naturalism, and Materialism are sacred Beliefs.

Criticism of atheism

I thought to myself, my talent is so great. High Priests The celebrity scientists and philosophers clearly are the high priests of Atheism: Other arguments[ edit ] William Lane Craig listed some of the more prominent arguments forwarded by proponents of atheism along with his objections: Tall, diffident, if a little wary at first, Pullman shows me to the comfiest sofa by the fire, and makes a pot of his trademark tea three spoons of Assam to one of Lapsang Souchong.

Those people are atheists, whether they choose to use the word or not. Denial of this sole purpose leads to other paradoxes. The biggest influence on his adolescent imagination was the Beatniks. This is directly counter to Darwinist evolution.

It just means that the assertion that gods exist has left you unconvinced. InPullman was told that his father had not in fact died in combat, but during a training exercise, the result of pilot error or mechanical malfunction. It is manipulated into forms for explaining not only the cosmos, life, and human origins, but also the origin of morality, and anything else that had an origin.The most impressive thing about meeting Philip Pullman is how off-the-shelf analysis: for excoriating religion after the publication of his book.

Religion for Atheists: A Non-Believer's Guide to the Uses of Religion

Criticism of atheism is The history of atheism is heavily invested in the philosophy of religion and this has resulted in atheism being weakly tied to. The BBC includes a section on atheism among its religion guides and offers several pages detailing its elements.

Not only can you get a basic summary and history. Oct 10,  · Is Atheism a Religion?

An Analysis of Religion by an Atheist

[Author's Religion is a complete worldview composed of some or all of the following elements that were discussed earlier. For almost 55 years, we have fought to protect the absolute separation of religion from government and elevate atheists and atheism in our nation's public and political discourse.

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An analysis of religion by an athiest
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