A criticism of fierce people by dirk wittenborn

Finn becomes embedded with the Fierce People of a village in New Jersey. They are the upperclass economically elite. Seward focused on racing yachts and young women, and lorded over an estate in Princeton, N. Finn wants to visit his father whom he has never metand research the Fierce People — Yanomami Indians of the Amazon, known for their belligerence.

It was fun to read how the main character Finn navigated the fierce social environment he is brought to.

The film was marvelous, with Donald Sutherland and Chris Evans being excellent as always. Having found the first few chapters of Fierce People very well written and engrossing, I was eventually a little disappointed in its characterisation and plot.

A criticism of fierce people by dirk wittenborn

While trying to write novels, he got a job doing research for books on pyramids and Catherine the Great. Could an elderly man really perform successful CPR on a frozen body with a hockey stick?

Perhaps my own prejudices about how the rich are different got in the way of my enjoyment! I think the difference between him Every once in a while I try to pick up something which is different than my normal choice of reading material.

Very cruel to others. Dirk took her to the hospital and was traumatized by her tan lines. However, as a lively, enjoyable read, it has a lot to offer. Finn, the lovechild of a single mom whose behavior does not make her the best role model and of famous anthroplogist who lives among the Yanomamo the fierce people tribe of South America.

Fierce People

His second wife, Esther, was a nice lady who would have the Wittenborns over for lunch. But overall, a decent book with a decent story. Osbourne still remains to be my favourite character, although Bryce did have his moments before he became a bit a of a douche Thus, he seems himself as an amateur anthropologist and wishes to spend the summer with his father and study the fierce people as well.

Everyone has problems, and he was a problem solver about anxiety and depression. The Fierce People are in New Jersey - the premise of this novel - although most of the rich turn out to be really rather nice.

Sutherland in Fierce People—is based on old-timers Mr. Was I wrong to expect his brush with decadence to change him, or unnerve the reader? I think the difference between him and Caulfield is that Finn is aware of his shortcomings and hates himself for them. Dirk would take the train to the city and go to loft parties, where he became part of a scene which included Richard Avedon, David Hockney and Henry Geldzahler.

After reading the book, i realised they played the characters so well! Written in the s, it makes an interesting contrast to the above novel.

The sin crowd

The writing style was great, easy to follow but mesmerising. Like the Liz character in Fierce People, Ms. As a kid, that was a weird thing to have happen. Could a teen, even if in love, really go dancing in new shoes after a few days earlier, getting his foot caught in a man-trap?

Fierce People begins with the lucidly drawn relationship between precocious teen Finn and his mother Liz, a flaky masseuse with a drug habit.About Fierce People 'Punched-up with sexual awakening, loss of innocence, first love, drugs, battles lost and won, adolescent rebellion-Dirk Wittenborn captures it all.

DIRK WITTENBORN is a novelist (Fierce People, Pharmakon), screenwriter and the Emmy-nominated producer of the HBO documentary, Born Rich. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter and summers on the wrong side of the tracks in East Hampton, NY/5(). About Fierce People.

New York's Lower East Side, Fifteen-year-old Finn Earl's mother, Liz, is a thirty-two-year-old masseuse with a taste for cocaine. When Liz's habit reaches its breaking point, she seeks sanctuary with one of her clients, aging billionaire Ogden C.


Dirk Wittenborn is a talented writer, but when your novel's cover has a quote comparing it to The Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye, it does rather raise readers' expectations.

However, as a lively, enjoyable read, it has a lot to offer. DIRK WITTENBORN WAS BORN IN New Haven, Conn., the youngest child of academics from the Midwest.

His father was a college psychology professor at Yale and then Rutgers University. Sarah Wittenborn. Fierce People is a independent drama thriller film adapted by Dirk Wittenborn from his novel of the same name. Directed by Griffin Dunne, it starred Diane Lane, Donald Sutherland, Anton Yelchin, Kristen Stewart, and Chris Evans.

A criticism of fierce people by dirk wittenborn
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